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Meet Reamey Belski

Certified End of Life Doula 

Advanced Care Consultant 

Reamey Belski is a certified End of Life Doula and Advanced Care Consultant with Crossover Doula Services. She received her EOLD training through Doulagivers Institute and is a Qualified Advance Directive Facilitator through the VA Department of Health.


Reamey specializes in providing holistic, compassionate, deathcare and emotional support for individuals facing end of life, as well as for their loved ones. From legacy projects to vigil planning, to post-death bereavement support, she is committed to creating a peaceful and dignified experience for those navigating this profound transition, and a comforting space for those left behind. 


Her area of focus includes surprise diagnoses, caregiver fatigue, and dementia. She also provides support that is specifically tailored towards non-traditional family structures and is LGBTQIA+ friendly. 


For those who are ready to organize their affairs, Reamey guides her clients through the essential conversations required for them to make well-informed decisions. With an approach rooted in empathy, she understands the importance of facilitating open and honest conversations with her clients about their end of life wishes. She actively engages with her clients to support them in making wise choices for both themselves and their families.

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